And so the story goes… I’m once again in limbo land.

I got the call with my results once again. It’s not a good sign when they don’t leave a message on the first call. I’m still too high. This time I got the actual numbers and I’m amazed I am still functioning with how high my first numbers were.

At this point I’m at the end of the window for the trial. We’re going to see if they will grant an extension but I have no idea what the chances are for that to happen.

I know that I didn’t get my MRI this morning and I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday to talk about other options. I know that I’m very depressed and frustrated. I know that it’s all out of my control now and that’s scary.

So for now I wait and pray.

Thank you everyone who has been thinking and praying for me. It means a lot. It’s awesome to know I have so many people around me who care.

And most importantly, thanks for letting me vent and be the sad panda I am lately. I can only hope it will get better soon.


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