Monthly Archives: May 2009

Photo Dump


Now, for the long overdue update.  I’ll let Annie go though the last month and a half and pick her favorites for her photodump.

We’ll start the tour at Easter.  Peter was pulling himself up at this point.



He gets first lick on the spatula while cooking.


Crawling is a bit too hard on his knees when the floor isn’t soft.  To combat this, he has taken to crab walking on hard floors.


He got a Walker Wagon to help with the walking.  It doens’t turn well, so he just rams into things.


Swinging at the cabin.



Mmm.  Brats on the pontoon.


Snuggling around the campfire.

Gratuitous sunset shot.

Riding on the front of the pontoon with his new hat and life jacket.

Kart and Kristen were able to make it up for a weekend this year.  Karthik impressed everyone with his mad pontoon piloting skills.



“The cabin is awesome!  There are toys everywhere!”

It’s tough living for tiny dogs.

“More toys!”



Bonding time with Grandpa.  Note the new hat.


Zoey and Peter are keeping a lookout for lake monsters.

Although he isn’t walking yet, he has figured out how to walk on steps.

Helping dad with some plumbing.

Happy 3 Years!


Two comments…

Dustin and I have made it three years already.  Time has gone by fast!

Also, we have lots of wonderful pictures (mostly of Peter of course) that we’ll share very shortly.  We’re having some technical difficulties but don’t give up on us.  I promise they’ll come soon.