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August Part 2- Fair, Zoo, Cabin


We went to the State Fair!  This is something I look forward to every year and Dustin is sweet and has gotten into it for me.   Peter doesn’t get a choice, at least for a few years, and gets to experience the fun too.  This year I was quite pathetic though.  I blame it on Thomas and it was hot.  We didn’t see or eat hardly anything on the list of usuals but we’ll try again next year.

After the marathon parking adventure and eating our breakfast burritos, we headed for the animal barns to get there before the sun completely baked the smell in.  Peter couldn’t have been more excited.  He found a little wagon pushed to the side that was full of baby chicks.  He got right in there and thought they were so fun until they kicked saw dust in his face.  We saw the big chickens too, for me of course.  Peter loved the bunnies.  Every one was more exciting then the next.  He got to pet the baby pig and the horses were GIANT!  

We did a few of the buildings.  In one, the lions were giving away sunglasses for little people.  Peter thought there were super cool.  Every time he puts them on he gets excited.  I’m not sure if it’s that he can still see things or that they look different.  He spends the whole time pointing things out.

We made sure to stay at the fair until the parade as it was fire safety day so there would be lots of fire trucks to see.  Both Peter and I were getting very tired so we found a spot in the shade to sit and wait for the parade to start.  The family that was right in front of us had one of those big buckets of cookies.  Peter thought they looked really good but they weren’t ours.  Some how he sweet talked his way into getting one of their cookies.  Nothing tastes better than a stolen Sweet Martha cookie.

Bethy and I took Peter to the zoo.  We were able to do the whole loop of outside animals and it was a lot of fun.  It was a nice warm day and apparently the a lot of the animals thought it was a perfect morning for a nap.  We did come across the bears right as a training session was about to begin.  It was neat to see the trainers work with the bears to do little tricks.  The bear at the gate didn’t want to stand though.  The funny part is that Peter had the most fun at the farm section.   We got to ride on a tractor ride to get there and then we got to see the animals up close and personal.  Overall, it was a fun day that we’ll have to repeat to see all the inside animals.

Finally, we spent the long Labor Day weekend at the cabin.  It was finally actually cool outside.  It was kind of fun to pull out the long sleeves and pants.  Jim and Sherry came up to play as well as Ashley and Eli.  It was a full house which made it lots of fun.  We didn’t take many pictures as everyone was busy having a good time but there were a few pictures of some boat work.  The carpet was more than a little tired so the goal was to replace it.  After pulling everything off, there was a realization that more work will need to be done later.  It was interesting to watch the process from the safety of inside.

And now it’s September and that means back to work and back to school.