Monthly Archives: December 2009



So I know it’s been a very long time since we’ve posted and we’re sorry.  I have to admit that we didn’t take many pictures throughout November and then there was December.

We started the month passing what could only be the plague around the family.  When we started to regain something resembling health when the Monte Carlo took a turn to be sick.  I guess it didn’t get the memo that you’re suppose to get better and is now out to pasture next to the driveway.  Anyone want a sad broken car?  After borrowing a van, thank you very much Paul and Donna, Dustin now drives a pretty blue Mazda hatchback.  It’s very fun to drive.

Meanwhile, since we were sick and worried about cars, we didn’t notice until a Friday evening that the bill pay company nicely decided to pay a bill for us.  Unfortunately, we didn’t actually have a bill scheduled to go out at that point in time.  The gas company was now the proud owner of 800 of our hard earned dollars.  Of course there was no one around to help on a Friday.  The fabulous part is that no one really was any help for over a week.  Finally we found a few people that realized we needed help and the gas company electronically paid the money back.

Picture the scene from Willy Wonka where he makes the giant bar of chocolate travel through the air and reassemble in the tv.  Well our money is the bar of chocolate and it is still floating somewhere in the air.  It’s amazing how quickly they can take the money but giving it back is so much more difficult.  It’s been a three week battle and all I can say at this point is I love money and Kim from the bank.

Now we’re at the end of December and just about to the Christmas fun.  It’s a really good thing too because I think we could really use some extra Christmas cheer this year.

So with all of that, I promise that there will be lots of pictures including November and December coming real soon.  Thanks for being patient.