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We may as well make kaelder a quick reference for some recipes while we’re at it.  Tonight’s special experimental recipe was chicken fingers.  I took a normal chicken breast, sliced thin, and then dredged through a mix of:

1 cup Alton’s pancake mix
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
1 tablespoon black pepper

After the first dredging, the breast pieces were washed with milk and then dredged again.  After the final coat, they were dried at 375 until they were done.

The finished product was delicious.  The only thing that could possibly make it better would be some of Evil’s buffalo sauce – and maybe some High Life from the cabin. 

Next time, I’ll make sure to take pictures.

Kaelder Wallpaper


Per Paul’s request, our wonderful basement wallpaper.

The green and white portions are normal, textureless wallpaper. However, the orange parts, well, they’re flocked. The result of this combination is supremely 1970s.

Assortment of fun


Here Peter was a tired boy in his little car seat.  Soon there will be a picture of him in his new big boy seat. 














Bethy was visiting and he had something to say.















































And after all that fun we had one tired boy.














Zoey had fun that day too.













Here are some pics of Peter working on his Christmas Thank you cards.























And finally there is a nice picture of when the Smith portion of the family came to visit.  All the kids posed with Dee and Mel.


Fun fact


For all of you wondering… kaelder is Danish for basement.

If that doesn’t explain enough, our house started it’s life as just a basement.  It wasn’t until some time later that they had enough money to build the main level.  Now the basement of our house is a scary place, complete with flocked orange and green wallpaper, cracked and broken floor tiles, and light switches outside of the rooms (along with the locks).

Some time in the future the basement will be brought back to it’s former glory but for now it’s a special place that I’m glad has a door that closes.