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The poor blog has been neglected for a long time.  I even had a couple of updates started but now I’ll actually post.  This post will be the random updates from the summer through now and the next one will be picture overload.  The picture titles should help with what’s going on but feel free to ask if you aren’t sure.


Peter is officially a preschool student!  He loves school.  Peter goes Friday mornings.  I brought him the first day.  We dropped Thomas at daycare and then got to hang out for a little bit before going to class.  He was so excited and wouldn’t take his backpack off.  He bounced off the walls trying to get in the car to drive there.  He even told me to stop taking pictures because we had to get inside.  Everything was wonderful until I went to leave.  That’s when the tears started streaming.  Of course there were a whole slew of crying kids so he wasn’t alone.  I know from past experiences that it’s better to just assure him I’d be back and then leave.  It did the trick and the smile on his face was so huge when I came back to pick him up.  He couldn’t wait to show me the art project and tell me all the fun things he did.


Now he goes to the neighbor’s house on Friday mornings.  Gordon is awesome and plays with him until it’s time for class.  He drives him in and then picks him up afterwards to go to daycare.  Peter looks forward to going to Gordon’s house as much as he likes going to school.  In fact he would rather go there most every morning but we discuss each time that Gordon is probably either busy or still sleeping.  –Gordon, if you’re reading this… we talk about that all your lights aren’t on and your curtains are closed.  You clearly aren’t around to play if that’s the case.  He notices when your curtains are now open-


Thomas just figured out walking!  He’s still cruising around by crawling but one day he just started to take steps.  Everyday he walks a little more confidently but once he falls, he reverts to all fours.  My favorite thing is when he’s excited.  His smile includes the full nose and face scrunch.  It still makes me laugh when I see it.  Thomas is going to be our musical man when he gets older.  He loves music and has to at least wiggle, if not full on dance, whenever he hears it.  He is also our resident foodie.  He has outgrown the bottle and is now onto real food.  He is very particular about how he eats though.  He must have a variety of flavors and textures.  It’s the mystery as to what order it should be in though.


As far as my medical drama goes, I’ve started medicine.  I went in to the doctor’s office to learn what I am supposed to do.  She had a fun fake chunk of skin to strap on to my leg.  I got to practice with fake medicine until I was ready to do the real deal.  Injecting the fake piece was no big deal.  I thought I was pretty smooth and awesome until I had to do it on my actual leg.  I think it was the mental part that I was about to stab my leg that got to me the worst.  I have an injector pen thing to help so I don’t have to actually see the needle going in.  I still know that it’s going to happen though.  I’m getting better at it each time.  I have to inject the medicine every day.  I do it in the morning so I don’t forget.  I have to rotate where I stab.  I know what day of the week it is because of where I poke.  Monday is right hip, Tuesday the right thigh, Wednesday the left thigh, Thursday the stomach, Friday the left hip, Saturday and Sunday are the flab of the arms.  I can tell even if I’m not with it in the morning because I get a sweet big red bump from the injection that lasts a couple of days.  I just have to feel for where the bumps aren’t and that’s where I get to stab.  Other than the bumps that are tender and not so pretty looking, I haven’t really had any side effects.  I have noticed that I get worn out a tad faster.  I was tired the other day so I laid down when I got home from work at4pm.  Dustin woke me up to go to bed at10:30pmand I was still able to sleep through the night.  I’ve also noticed that my capacity for remembering has gone down some.  I used to be able to find things no problem.  Now I have a bad habit of putting things down and then they are gone until someone finds something in a completely random spot.  Also, if you tell me something and I don’t write it down, don’t be offended if I forget until after the fact.  It’s all just a learning curve that I have to figure out but I’ll get there.  It’s just my new normal.


I feel like I should update for Dustin but really there’s not much new to say.  He’s working hard for the man.  He spends time in the cave of a basement.  He brewed a new batch of beer.  He’s doing pretty well.


In October we went to the sculpture garden in Minneapolis with Grandma.  The boys had a lot of fun running around and looking at the different art.  It was nice to be out and about and get a little culture as well.


We also celebrated Halloween.  We had a little robot and skeleton.  Peter loves to dance like a robot so I thought it would only be appropriate for him to dress like one.  He was a little sad that the switch on the back didn’t really work.  I would have been okay with an actual off switch too.  Thomas didn’t really know what was going on.  We didn’t realize that his skeleton bones glowed in the dark so when he came out in the living room in the morning, it was cute to see just bones crawling around.


November brought our trek toCanada.  Karthik actually tied the knot and married Deepta.  Dustin and I flew toNew Yorkand then met up with a few friends to travel north.  It was an interesting and very fun van ride.  The weekend would have been awesome except for the fact that I was very sick.  I had a horrible stomach bug that was sort of on its way out but it took its toll on me.  Everyone else had a great time though.  I have to say that an Indian style wedding is something everyone should experience some time in their life.  Everything was so very beautiful!  You may or may not notice in the pictures that all of the pre-party ones were not taken by us.  I went back to the hotel with a lovely fever and missed the whole thing.  I borrowed some from facebook.  There are a few of the reception that were borrowed as well.


November also was when Thomas turned one.  I can’t believe my baby is already one!  For his birthday we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Since he is such a bottomless pit of an eater, I thought it was an appropriate idea.  It was wonderful to have so many people smashed into our house.  It was a very visible show of how blessed we are to have so many family and friends so close.


Now we’re at December.  Christmas means lots of family gatherings.  Peter was so excited to have more parties.  I think he’ll have a hard time going back to reality, going to bed at a reasonable time, and not sleeping in.  I think I might have a hard time getting back into the swing of things too.  Spending time with the ones you love is a good reason to have a hard time adjusting though.


During this last week of December we decided to have a little fun.  Peter loves trains of any kind.  The easiest way to let him experience one up close was the light rail.  We drove to Fort Snelling and walked to the station.  Both boys had the biggest eyes as the train came to a stop.  We actually got to get on and go for a ride!  They both loved it.  We thought we should actually ride it to something so we went on an adventure toMinneapolisand went to the Macy’s holiday display.  After going all the way to the eighth floor, we discovered that eskabators are super fun.  Thomas didn’t get as much out of it but Peter couldn’t point things out fast enough throughout the display.  We learned all about what goes on in a day in the life of an elf.  Did you know that when you ride the train to somewhere, you get to ride it again to get home?


And now we’re about to start 2012.  My wish is for this year is to be better, laugh more, listen closer, and have more patience.  I wish everyone a happy new year as well!