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Happy Halloween!


We carved two pumpkins this year, Bert and Ernie.  They never did get hair but they’re cute anyway.  Peter wasn’t such a fan of the actual pumpkin but rather enjoyed the goop.  He also really liked to drive the chunks of pumpkin that got cut out.  I guess we never got a picture of the actual final product but really they look pretty much the same, but one tall one with a uni-brow and one short round one without.


This morning we woke up to a special treat.  Dustin made bagels.  Peter was a big fan.

Bagels are good

Then this evening Peter transformed into his favorite thing ever, Ernie.  We made his nose red and the front of his hair black.  He wasn’t a fan of waiting for it all to dry but we made it through.  We made a few stops to trick or treat.  We’ve been trying to teach him “Trick or Treat” for a week now.  He didn’t say it.  He did like the candy that he got from the people anyway.

1-Nose2-Rice Krispie3-Hello4-Ernie

October happenings so far


Towards the end of September Donna, Paul, Drew, Dustin, and I were up at the cabin.  It was the Gandy’s big celebration.  The day ended up being a mini-tour.  We finished out the day at the Gandy and then came home tired and done.


Peter is a really good eater.  He’ll eat everything but a few green items.  Well that is until he discovered frozen peas.  He couldn’t eat them fast enough.  I guess I know how to get some green in him.

1-Frozen Peas2-So Yummy3-Party in my Tummy

We got snow!


Dustin celebrated his birthday so I made him a cake.  He got to pick whatever flavor he wanted.  He picked german chocolate.  I did have for him and put regular chocolate frosting on my half.

3-Happy Birthday

It was a sad, sad day when the boat came out of the lake.  Dustin, Donna, Scoop and I took the last ride to the landing and it was cold.  Paul met us with the truck and trailer and out it went.  Dustin and Zoey rode on the boat back to the cabin.  It’s now hibernating for the winter under the roof.

1-last boat ride2-out of the water3-on the trailer4-hold on5-roof

After the boat came out, we were able to start our annual tavern tour.  This year we started at Hillside.  We then went to a lovely bridge to have lunch on the side of the road.  Next we went to Rosenthals.  Tami was celebrating her 40th birthday.  We played with the trivia cards at Roamers (even though it’s not really called Roamers anymore.)  The Shop had tasty appetizers.  Just ask Donna about the mushrooms.  Finally, we rounded the day out at the Crow Bar.  Once we got back to the cabin, there was suppose to be a post party but the other people never made it.  Overall, it was a great day.


9-Shelves are dangerous10-rosenthals11-roamers12-the shop13-crow bar

Peter got a bunch of fun Halloween gifts from a Halloween gift exchange.  He got a sweet hat and gloves, some really cute outfits, and a big green pumpkin bucket.  His favorite was to put the fruit snack packets he got in and out of the bucket.  He didn’t realize until later that there was goodness in the packets.  We also put the fun pumpkin and spider window clings on our front window.

1-what is it2-stuff3-pumpkins4-loot5-fruit snacks

Zoey got a haircut.  She looks and smells awesome now!  She even got pretty pink bows.


And to round out the post, here are some fun pictures of Peter hammering.

1-hammer2-so close