Monthly Archives: August 2011

My kid just said… #2-4


I mad, MAD, MAD! I the maddest boy in the world!

Mommy, my eyes orange? I make them orange eyes so I magic.

Arghul. Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma. AAAAAAAAAH!

My Pants flew away


Thomas has figured out how to get around. He loves to be up and tall. He wants to be able to stand and run. One way to get taller is to sit on the trampoline. We kept seeing him up there but thought the other person put him there. Then I was alone and came in the room to see him proudly sitting there. The only little thing is that he hasn’t figured out how to get down yet. He’ll either cry or face plant.

Then I was able to witness just how he maneuvers himself up and on.

Thomas also enjoys standing in his crib. He’ll pull himself up and shake the bars. We now have to keep the curtain up so he doesn’t rip it off the wall. The problem with that is he likes to gaze out the window instead of sleeping.

We’ve been enjoying using the picnic table and grill outside. Dustin got and assembled adirondack chairs. They have been great to sit in and watch the boys cruise around in the grass.

Thomas, in all of his cruising, has found himself in some special spots. My favorite is when he crawls into the bottom of the exersaucer. He gets so confused like it’s not working right. There’s lots of space to go in and out and yet it’s like he’s in jail. Some day he’ll figure it out.

Peter got a jar with a caterpillar and a cocoon from Grandma and YaYa. The cocoon had been knocked to the bottom of the jar so we weren’t sure if it would survive. Well I walked by the jar the other day and I saw these black legs moving under a leaf. My gut reaction was to jump and assume it was a spider or a bug. After calming down, I looked closer and it turns out the cocoon made it and a monarch butterfly came out. I let him go in the porch so Peter could see later. Peter took a little while but then thought he was the coolest thing ever. We asked him to name the butterfly. He thought for a few seconds and said “Pants, his name Pants.” We even prayed for Pants that evening. Dustin and Peter decided Pants should be let free to find other butterfly friends. Peter was excited and said good bye to him but still talks about how he misses his Pants.



We will go back to pictures of the boys since they are too cute, especially in pictures when you can’t hear them or see the tornado that they bring with them.

We pulled out the old Johnny Jump Up for Thomas. He thought it was the best thing ever to be able to bounce. It would be even better if we had more places with trim so he wouldn’t be stuck in the hallway.

Peter had to get in on the action too. He can’t let his brother have all of the attention. He decided to pose for the camera and give examples of different emotions. My favorites that got captured are his mad face and his happy face.

Lastly, Peter just finished his swimming lessons. He had a class of four kids. He had a blast and listened most of the time. It’s just sometimes hard to remember that you can splash when you kick your feet but not splash people’s faces. Such small technicalities!