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2009 Cabin Opener


When Annie and I arrived at the cabin, we were sure to inspect the new equipment.  Annie assured me she was thinking warm thoughts.

Annie on the new paddleboad

Sadly, we were not yet able to launch the craft.  The lake still had a bit too much ice on it.  Next time…


Saturday, we went over to Pede’s to help make some syrup.  The guys had assembled 65 gallons of sap at this point which would eventually make ~1.5 gallons of homemade maple syrup.  To get down to the final volume, the sap first had to be boiled and boiled and boiled over a wood fire.  Here, the pan is working on 5ish gallons.


All of us were tasked with important jobs.  Evil, Annie and I were forced to determine if the beer would be of a high enough quality for the ensuing year – a chore we did not take lightly.  Donna got to stoke the fire.


It’s hard work making syrup.


Unfortunately, Peter did not make the trip with us.  We thought it might be a bit chilly for him to be at the cabin at this time of year.  However, Jim and Sherry were nice enough to offer to watch him while we were away.

And next time, we’ll have pictures of the pontoon on the lake.  It’s going to be a fun year!

P.S. – After much discussion we came to the conclusion that the beer would be acceptable for consumption during the ensuing year.