Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cabin Fun


It was a good weekend up at the cabin.  Dustin and I actually got to go up early Friday morning kidless.  It was nice but a little strange.   The rest of the crew came up later that evening.

Saturday we put Peter to work.  But then he decided to be done and play instead.  We went on the boat and cruised out to the sand bar.  Both Peter and Zoey had a good time exploring.

It was bath time Sunday evening.  He was a little too splashy and got moved outdoors.  It was a good thing we did the bath early because the cabin got two visitors later that evening.  Donna, it’s not the bunnies eating the hostas.  Also, we sacrificed some of the lettuce in the fridge (it didn’t look so fresh anyway).  They liked that but not pancakes.

And now for the pictures to go along with this post since it wouldn’t let me put them in with the words…


Birthday Party!!


It was a great turn out with beautiful weather!  Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating the big day with the little man.  He had a wonderful time and missed everyone walking him around the next day.