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orange ribbon

In honor of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week held March 3-9, here are some facts:

– More than 400,000 people in the US have MS

– About 2,500,000 people have MS worldwide

– Diagnosis of MS usually happens between the ages of 20-40

MS affects women more than men with a ration of 2:1

MS does not significantly affect ones life span

– Fatigue is the most common symptom in MS

MS is not contagious

MS is a progressive disease with no cure

MS is the most common central nervous system disease among young adults

– The farther from the equator, the more numbers of MS there are

– In a person with MS, their nervous system attacks healthy myelin – Myelin is like the insulation around a wire for the nerves in our brains – Without it, messages can’t get through properly

MS can be visibly obvious or a silent disease – either way, the symptom are real

– The orange ribbon stands MS awareness and represents hope for a better tomorrow with the chance of being one step closer to a cure

Ms. Pat


Starting when I was little, Ms. Pat has always just been around.  She was the type of person that was always there, even when she said she was too busy.

As a kid, she was that sweet grandma type person that was quick to congratulate and even quicker to lift you up.

As an adult, I realized how amazing she truly is.  Just hearing little bits of her adventures, I am humbled at all she has done and experienced.

Ms. Pat was someone who would always be anyone’s biggest fan.  She gave all of herself for others.  She had even helped those “old” people, even when she was just as old if not more.  She was the type of person that would drop off food because she had made “too much.”  She would show up to help even when she said she couldn’t or was tired or too old.  She never took a leadership role but would bend over backwards to do anything she could to help.

Sadly, Ms. Pat’s body has decided that it was tired and done.  It will be hard to not have her walk through the door.  It will be hard to not have her hugs or words of encouragement.  It will be hard for many.  It’s no longer hard for her though.  She isn’t in pain anymore.

I know she will have a long list of family members and accomplishments listed in her obituary but if it was a complete list of everything she’s done and everyone that considers her family, she would need the whole paper.

Tell the ones around you what they mean to you.  Show up and be present.  Put others first.  Say thank you.  Open yourself to possibility.  Love freely.  Practice peace.  Hug.

broken heart mosaic




So I’ve spent my weekend sick in bed. This is how the dog decided to spend her weekend… On top of me

Don’t know if I should feel loved or smothered

Free Year Old Logic


If a little is good, then a lot must be better


Pirates belong on ships, not in stores


Music from movies don’t belong on the radio without the movie playing

Presidents’ Day


Presidents-Day-PNG2All I have to say about the topic is that I would be sad if I was President number 2 through 15 right about now.  Everything you find about Presidents’ Day is about George or Abe.  I know they both have birthdays around now but there were plenty of guys in between them and lots more that came afterwards.  Why aren’t they cool enough to be included?

Well, it’s actually because this 3rd Monday is February is celebrating Washington’s birthday.  The official federal holiday is called Washington’s Birthday.  The holiday began in 1871 and was originally celebrated on his actual birthday, February 22nd.  It wasn’t until 1971 that it was moved to the 3rd Monday in February due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  There was a request to officially change the holiday to Presidents’ Day but it didn’t go anywhere.

The term Presidents’ Day is used only as a state holiday, in only about a dozen states, and something the advertisers have grabbed hold of.  Some states have included Lincoln because he also celebrates a birthday in February.  Randomly, there are even a few places that ditch Lincoln and throw in Jefferson for some reason.

So after all of that… Washington is the real reason we are celebrating today and why many kids are not in school.  Lincoln just got lucky in when he was born as to why he gets to join in the party.  If you live in a few select places, you’re wondering why I didn’t mention how awesome Jefferson is too.  In reality, most all of our presidents have done a pretty good job.  I know they get a lot of flack but I know that I wouldn’t want that job so I’m glad someone does!