Presidents’ Day


Presidents-Day-PNG2All I have to say about the topic is that I would be sad if I was President number 2 through 15 right about now.  Everything you find about Presidents’ Day is about George or Abe.  I know they both have birthdays around now but there were plenty of guys in between them and lots more that came afterwards.  Why aren’t they cool enough to be included?

Well, it’s actually because this 3rd Monday is February is celebrating Washington’s birthday.  The official federal holiday is called Washington’s Birthday.  The holiday began in 1871 and was originally celebrated on his actual birthday, February 22nd.  It wasn’t until 1971 that it was moved to the 3rd Monday in February due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  There was a request to officially change the holiday to Presidents’ Day but it didn’t go anywhere.

The term Presidents’ Day is used only as a state holiday, in only about a dozen states, and something the advertisers have grabbed hold of.  Some states have included Lincoln because he also celebrates a birthday in February.  Randomly, there are even a few places that ditch Lincoln and throw in Jefferson for some reason.

So after all of that… Washington is the real reason we are celebrating today and why many kids are not in school.  Lincoln just got lucky in when he was born as to why he gets to join in the party.  If you live in a few select places, you’re wondering why I didn’t mention how awesome Jefferson is too.  In reality, most all of our presidents have done a pretty good job.  I know they get a lot of flack but I know that I wouldn’t want that job so I’m glad someone does!


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