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Cabin, Zoo, Corn, Fair, Toy Store, and Walk


So I realised that it’s been much to long since we’ve added some fun updates and pictures so pull up a seat and here we go.

First off, there are of course fun cabin pictures.  Peter decided that he needed his hat and then sun glasses all on his own.  One of his favorite toys up there is sticks.  There is one stick in particular that he loves.  It’s actually lasted multiple weeks.  I don’t think Zoey is as much of a fan but they work it out.  Peter also figured out how to climb up on the riding lawn mower.  We’ll have to put him to work sooner than I thought.1-tree2-stick3-sweet hat4-hi5-picnic table6-lunch7-shovel8-driving9-ear protection

Bethy, Peter and I went to the Como Zoo before school started.  We had fun seeing all the animals.  Peter was very serious the whole time.  He wasn’t a fan of the monkeys.  Flamingos are a winner, zebras were kind of cool, and he really likes pictures of giraffes so we admired the real thing.  I think he had more fun while we waited for the Sparky show and playing with the spoon from the ice cream.  We all thought the butterfly tent was super cool.  They were every where and huge!1-waiting for sparky2-steps3-bethy and peter4-zebras5-giraffe6-yo7-spoon8-caged9-blue butterfly10-my visitor

Bethy went to visit her grandpa Ralph and we were fortunate enough to reap the benefits.  There’s nothing better than fresh sweet corn that was picked right before you eat it.  Peter couldn’t agree more.  Although, he was a little confused on which end to eat.  Once he got it straightened out, he ate two whole ears!  1-which way2-works better3-corn is awesome

The family went to the State Fair this year.  I love going every year so it was fun to be able to share the experience with Peter.  He thought it was awesome as there was so much to see, smell, taste, and hear.  Everyone loved his hat.  He even got a free button because of the sweet hat.  He’s a little man after my own heart and loved the chickens.  He even tried talking to them.  He wasn’t so sure on the pigs but they are really big and loud.  One of our party did end up crashing after all the sun, food, and fun.  That meant it was time to go but we’ll be back next year for sure.  1-first food of the day2-chickens3-oink booth4-butter head5-competitive corn6-seed art7-future alumni8-corndog!9-done done done

We went with my parents, Jim and Sherry, on a day trip to Lark Toys.  It’s an awesome toy store in Kellogg, MN.  There are so many rooms full of really good toys.  Peter got to pick a wooden pull toy.  He had a good time testing them each out but finally decided on a giraffe.  He also ended up with two cars and a new bib.  Even Dustin got something, a deck of cards with scientists on them.  After we shopped and played, it was time to ride the hand carved carousel.  Peter rode the chicken and it didn’t go so well.  He cried the whole time.  We did move to the cart being pulled by an ostrich and that wasn’t as bad.  We’ll wait to try another ride for awhile.  After the toy store, we at lunch at a cute cafe.  Peter was a fan of the Amish family’s cute kids.  We went to a creamery and had ice cream.  Peter really liked all the big bikes that where there.  Then we admired the beautiful drive home through Wisconsin.  1-which one2-not a fan3-little better

September 19th was the 5k walk.  I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t make it.  In my head that seems like forever.  We all gathered at Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun.  Matt Logelin stood up and thanked everyone for coming.  He held up Maddy but she didn’t have as much to say, although she made the rounds later and had plenty to talk about then.  (I think Peter has found his future bride.)  We then all started off around the lake.  Peter thought he should walk like everyone else.  He wasn’t very speedy though and had fallen earlier so he had a scraped knee.  After we convinced him it was better to ride, we cruised on.  I was amazed when I asked if we were almost half way done and found out we only had blocks left.  I actually made it!  Thanks for everyone’s support.  1-matt2-away we go3-hooray

And finally after all of that, we’re worn out… worn out



Yesterday, we completed harvest of the 2009 hop crop. This year we were able to recover quite a bit of Cascade, some Chinook, Mt. Hood and a small amount of Perle and Goldings. It’s going to be an exciting brewing year!