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Our November and December… really long


We are the proud parents of two boys now!  It’s amazing how different life is.  It’s a lot harder but it’s a lot of fun too.  If only we could get them both to sleep when it’s night, we will be golden.

Thomas ended up coming out via c-section.  I made it all the way dilated and then his heart rate started doing funny things.  They decided to just get him out.  That was a scary and exciting ride to the other room for surgery.  It was a little nerve racking to hear the doctors and nurses talking about how they had all just woken up to come though, being that it was in the middle of the night.  He came out completely healthy.  I was worn out but couldn’t be more proud and happy to finally see my baby.

Peter came with the grandparents to meet his new brother.  The first visit, he was more excited by the buttons on my bed.  We called the nurse a few times.  He did like seeing Thomas though and was very excited to see his mom and dad.

It was wonderful to be home and be able to sleep in our own beds but I did miss that nurse call button.  That would be the ultimate gift to have one installed in our house 🙂

Peter decided that he likes to “have it,” meaning hold his brother.  He’s really good until he’s done and then just gets up.  Poor Thomas will have to learn to fend for himself at a very young age.  Peter also likes to read to him and share cars with him.  Thomas doesn’t always appreciate as much as Peter would believe.  I think it may have something to do with the shared items ending up on his head.

Peter got a big bucket of letters as one of his first Christmas gifts.  He was so excited.  As he took them out, one by one, he would proudly say a letter name.  Of course it had no correlation with what letter he actually had, except for S.  He not only knows which one is S, but what sound it makes.  Also, X means stop.

Thomas got to have his first official bath just before 3 weeks.  The icky stump finally fell off so I filled up the little tub.  He actually didn’t hate it.  I don’t know that it’s his favorite activity but he at least didn’t hate it.  The getting out part wasn’t as fun but that’s cold for anyone.  He loved the big warm towel and smelled like clean baby.

I actually don’t have two sons.  I have one baby and one rabbit.  Peter has decided to be a slightly picky eater.  He goes in phases as to whether or not he’ll eat anything.  Vegetables are almost always on the not so much side.  Randomly, he’ll eat carrots if you give it to him whole.  He needs to hop while chewing but if it works, we’ll rock it!

We visited Santa at the Masonic Day with Santa this year.  Thomas didn’t care where he was but Peter had other thoughts.  He was very interested in that Santa guy but didn’t want to get anywhere close.  Finally when I held him, he would go by him.  He proudly told Santa he wanted an awesome airplane though.  He wasn’t too shy to put in a request.

Donna held her annual Christmas party.  The house was very full of kids and their families.  Santa visited that party too.  That Santa sang songs and even handed out flashlights.  Peter decided that he was maybe ok and got all the way to sitting on his lap.  He’ll do anything for a flashlight!

Dustin and Thomas had to rest up to get ready for all of the Christmas fun.

Peter had a Christmas party at daycare.  He got a neat foam bowling set from one of the other kids.  He likes to bowl but hasn’t quite got setting the pins back up by himself yet.  He also got a Buzz Lighyear from Sheila.  We happened to watch Toy Story on tv just before that so he came home so proud.  We heard “Buzzlightyear!” too many times to count.  Peter would make him fly and even say “to immmenty and yond!”

Christmas means getting together with lots of family.  It’s great to be able to spend time with everyone and catch up on their lives.

Christmas Eve is spent with Dustin’s family.  We go to mass in the afternoon.  Both boys did awesome this year.  I was nervous about either of them having issues but Peter had gummi worms, cars, and lots of laps to go back and forth.  Dustin took Peter with him to go for communion.  Peter decided it was his chance to escape and took off running the other way.  He happily came back and made it through the rest of the service.  Thomas only squawked once.  It happened to be right when the priest told us to give everyone peace.  I guess it was his way of giving peace.  After mass we went to Dee and Mel’s house for lots of good food and conversations.  My parents came after their church service too.  It was fun night but much shorter than in past years.  With lots more gatherings to come, Peter had to get to bed.

Christmas morning Santa had come!  We told Peter to go look under the tree.  He ran out and looked out the window.  When he finally figured out what tree, he was so excited.  Santa accidentally bought foil paper and it didn’t tear at all.  He won’t do that next year… oops.  Peter was so proud of his awesome airplane that he got.  Zoey got a gift too.  She liked it but maybe not the hood part.

Then we went to my parents house to have breakfast and open gifts from the immediate family.  Peter got little airplanes that were fun but the best was a little trampoline.  He loved jumping!  Thomas didn’t get to jump quite yet.

That afternoon was off to spend time with the Bjostad side.  It was a small crew this year but still good.  Jan has two of the cutest little dogs and I ate way too much.  Peter got a set of 20 cars!  I don’t think his eyes could have gotten any bigger when he opened that paper.

Sunday was the Sackett side.  That family has the tradition of opening gifts starting with the youngest and then going in age order.  This was the first and only year Thomas got to go first.  Next year his cousin will get the honor.  He didn’t even realize how sweet he had it.

We’ll get together with Dustin’s immediate family this next weekend.  We just couldn’t fit it all in one weekend like we used to before babies.  That just means there is more to look forward to.

With all of these occasions that we looked nice and were together as a family.  I thought a family photo would be nice since we are four now.  Well it didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would.  Here are just some of the takes.

After the big weekend of family, we are trying to enjoy a little down time together.  Thomas discovered the joys of his vibrating bouncy chair.  His eyes got huge and he couldn’t look away.  Peter thought he should play too but we have been working on the concept that not everything is for him.  I think that is going to be a life long battle.

Not surprisingly, after everything that has gone on, we got the dreaded phone call from daycare this morning.  Peter came home with a fever.  His one request when he came home was the race car channel.  He and Dustin sat in the chair and played Mario Kart until Peter crashed.

And if you’ve made it this far, you are a dedicated fan of our family!  Thank you.  We couldn’t be more happy to go into 2011 with our wonderful family and friends.