Monthly Archives: October 2010

We’re still alive if you’re wondering


I am determined to squeak in before October ends!  It’s just been a tad bit more effort to do anything lately.

A little self portrait to start things off

We’ll get in the way back machine and there are some pictures from a cabin weekend.  I spent most of it either in the chair or in bed but everyone else had a great time.  Peter found a rake and decided to help.  I think he just moved dirt and dust around rather than any leaves but he had a fun.  That’s what matters.  He also had a few cars to play with and was very proud to show them off.  They were all lined up along the window sill.  The very favorite of the bunch was the fire engine.  It has a really loud siren when Peter drives it.  Lastly, there was a pontoon ride.  I heard that there was quite a bit of snacks eaten and some play in the water.

Next, Dustin and I went to Green Bay with Paul and Donna for a wedding.  While we were there, we had to go visit Lambeau Field.  We didn’t pay for the official tour but walking around the atrium was a sight in itself.  My ultimate favorite part was the fans already tailgating a day early in the K-Mart parking lot.  Nothing says class like campers in the parking lot across the street from the field.

Cassie and Pierce got married.  It was suppose to be outside in a park but it was way too windy and cold so it got moved in to the building.  It turned out beautiful even with the changes.

We held the annual tavern tour weekend.  It started Friday on the way up to the cabin with a stop in Balsam Lake and then up by the cabin at the Tap.  Saturday we split it into two chunks.  Late morning we headed out and stopped at a few places going north.  The plan was to then stop at a bridge and have sandwiches for lunch.  We stopped and got it all out but then there was some shooting going on in the woods.  I’m pretty sure they weren’t hunting for us but it made a few in the party a little nervous.  It was time to head back to the cabin anyway so we packed up and headed out.  We made a pit stop at the cabin, let the dog out, and picked up Karthik.  It was then off for more fun and festivities.  Everyone crashed early that night.

Today is Halloween.  Peter has been asking to go to the pumpkin store for weeks.  Every time we would drive by a house with a bunch outside, he would remind us that he wanted one.  We finally bought a big one.  He saw the baby pumpkins too so we had to get one of those too, of course.  He was a little excited when it came time to give our pumpkin a face.  He ended up in a box ready to ride.  Once we got everything set up and going, he came over.  He didn’t want to touch the goop at all.  It was “icky.”  He was good with a spoon to scoop though.  The funny part is that he went and got his baby pumpkin so Dustin could cut that one open next.  It’s hard to explain to a two year old that you can’t actually carve a tiny pumpkin.  Peter helped draw the face and wanted it to look spooky.  He was so proud to point out the different pieces of the face once it was all done.

Peter dressed up as Diego this year.  He made such a cute animal rescuer with his vest and back pack.  He says trick or treat so cute and had his pumpkin bucket ready to go but when we actually got to each house, he just pushed his bucket out.  I did at least get him to say thank you afterwards.  It was really hard to wait until we got home to eat the candy but we did.  The next big hurdle was the fact that you can’t in fact eat a bite out of every piece of candy.  It’s a learning process.