Monthly Archives: February 2016

Meds, Adventures, and the Letter P


So I’ve gotten one whole dose of medicine in and I’m still standing. This first dose was cut in half with two weeks in between. Except for feeling slightly off and worn out right after, I’m doing pretty good. The infusion center was really nice and the people there are great.

I now know why I had to have my liver numbers down before I started though. The medicine is a chemical already found in very small amounts in the liver. This medicine is filling my body with a whole lot more of the chemical. So… my numbers once again went up. Not nearly as bad as before, but still up. So for now I have to once again watch what I do and watch out for any signs of turning yellow.

And now for something completely different…

The other weekend we went on an adventure as a family. We didn’t tell the boys what we were doing and they were dying to figure it out. Somehow trying on swimsuits to see if they still had any that fit didn’t give it away.

After circling the parking lot and entering the building, we were instructed that the line to enter the Water Park of America was “around the corner.” What they didn’t tell us was that there were multiple other corners to go around before finding the end of the line. It took us almost an hour just to get inside.

Once inside the boys had a blast! The lazy river was a big hit, especially with the tall one. Although he didn’t think it should be so lazy. There were many different slides of differing heights. There was even a bunch that went outside the building. The best part was the body-board section.

After splashing and playing all day, it was a successful day of adventures.

And finally, there seems to be a growing trend on how my child would rather play.



Apparently he has an aversion to pants… Go figure.