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Happy Valentines Day Tomorrow


We have been working hard on valentines at this house. I have two boys that don’t exactly enjoy sitting at the table and writing or coloring. I think it’s important to have them help with their valentines though. They need to learn the importance of giving. It’s not just about the candy they will get!

I’ve broken the process into little pieces for the tall one.  It’s not as scary to do a just a few each time.



The best is that the short one has gotten excited about joining in!  It’s so sweet to watch him practice writing his “numbers.”

20140202_185107 20140202_185101




I’ve been catching up on youtube videos.  Afterwards I have fun wandering from suggested video to suggested video.  This time I discovered some videos about Zach Sobiech.  It’s a sad story about a Stillwater teen who passed away from cancer just last year.  He loved music and wrote songs to express himself and give something to his loved ones.  Besides being a completely touching story, the band is awesome.  I think the girl in the band can go far in life with a voice like that.  His big song was “Clouds” which is beautiful but my favorite is “Sandcastles” and “Star Hopping.”

Crazy Hair Day


Going through the papers from kindergarten, I came across a note saying crazy hair day was coming up.  Having a boy, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.  Apparently he thought otherwise.  I guess they talked about examples of what one could do for crazy hair day and different colors came up.  A certain kindergartner in our house took this to heart as a must.  I, on the other hand, don’t just own hair color.  Grandma to the rescue!



The other one couldn’t be left out.  I tried to lift chunks of hair and put it underneath so it wasn’t so obvious.  It turned out more of a moldy look than anything but he was happy.



And more importantly, my fingers were green until well into the afternoon even though I wash about every half hour at work.

Quiet and Wyatt


With both boys in their own classes, I love hearing about what they enjoy doing and who they are interacting with during the day.  I get little slips of paper telling me a quick bits about the little one’s day but it’s interesting to actually hear their own perspective from both of them.

The three of us were in the car so they had no where to escape.  I asked different questions about what they enjoy doing and then ended by looking for who they consider their friends at school.  I started with the short one and he quickly told me, “I play wit Grant and Quiet.  Dey are fun in my quass.”  I laughed and then asked the tall one who is favorite friend is.  He kept saying, “You mean not [the younger brother]?”  I didn’t understand and kept saying that yes I was in fact asking for his response because I already heard from the other brother.  Very frustrated, he said, “No mom, I mean are you asking who my best friend is besides being [my brother]?  Then I’ll say Wyatt.  He is in my class and in Kid Kampus with me!”

I couldn’t have been more proud.  Even when they fight… even when they throw things at each other… even when they scream and break things… They are best friends!