Happy Halloween!


We carved two pumpkins this year, Bert and Ernie.  They never did get hair but they’re cute anyway.  Peter wasn’t such a fan of the actual pumpkin but rather enjoyed the goop.  He also really liked to drive the chunks of pumpkin that got cut out.  I guess we never got a picture of the actual final product but really they look pretty much the same, but one tall one with a uni-brow and one short round one without.


This morning we woke up to a special treat.  Dustin made bagels.  Peter was a big fan.

Bagels are good

Then this evening Peter transformed into his favorite thing ever, Ernie.  We made his nose red and the front of his hair black.  He wasn’t a fan of waiting for it all to dry but we made it through.  We made a few stops to trick or treat.  We’ve been trying to teach him “Trick or Treat” for a week now.  He didn’t say it.  He did like the candy that he got from the people anyway.

1-Nose2-Rice Krispie3-Hello4-Ernie

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