The trial company said they would not allow anything over a 2 week extension. That meant I would have to get a new blood draw, get the results back, get an MRI, meet with my doctor, and do another neuro exam by another blind doctor before starting the trial by the 29th. The first response was that it couldn’t be done. I wasn’t okay with leaving it at that without trying. I was told to wait and see what could be done.

After pushing and questioning, they were able to piece it together to at least give me a shot. My blood draw was yesterday and then it was yet another waiting game.

It wasn’t until late this afternoon that I finally got a phone call.

52 (1)

I’m 52! Of the multiple liver tests that they look at, the one that mattered is 52. While normal range is 3 – 34, the trial’s cut off is twice the normal limit. 68 was the magic number to get below and I made it!


I’m still above normal so I still need to be aware but I’m getting there. Soon I can rejoin the land of normal functioning livers.


I go for my MRI on Friday morning, see doctors either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, and start my baseline visit on Wednesday. I’ve never been so happy to get poked and prodded.


Thank you everyone for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers, and listening ears as I have stumbled through this process. I have gone on an emotional roller coaster and I’m sure I’m no where near finished. I really am grateful for such an awesome support system I have. It’s good to know I can both celebrate and cry among friends.


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