Lazy Days, Valentines Day, and Random Days


We go to breakfast at the Car Bar pretty much every Sunday morning we’re in town.  Our morning ritual to get ready usually involves Dustin getting up and getting dressed, then Peter gets dressed, and finally it’s Annie.  Peter likes to hang out in the bedroom and watch some Imagination Movers while the process is going.  What more could you ask for?

1-lazy sundays

Valentine’s Day was a good weekend at the Zastera household.  Dustin and Peter picked out beautiful red roses to come home to on Friday.  Then whole family, along with Jim and Sherry, went to the Camping Show and out to dinner.

2-fire truck3-cheese4-rose

Peter has become the pro dancer.  He has some really sweet moves and really likes going in circles.

5-dancing6-sweet moves7-ta da

Dustin was hard at “work”.


Karthik brought a little football with him when he visited a while ago.  He left it behind and Peter thinks it is beyond sweet.  Zoey has yet to be convinced.


And finally, Peter has found out that there really is no better way to watch tv than in his wagon up close and personal.


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