Catching up on pictures and happenings…


Peter is officially all better now, no more ear infections.  We went for his 9 month appointment and he is a healthy 20 pounds and 28.5 inches long.  The first time they measured his length, they thought he shrunk.  He was really just laying slightly sideways.  He thought it was a wonderful chance to get back on that delicious paper that makes such wonderful sounds in his hands.

And now for some random pictures to start…





































There was a tragic death that happened at our house.  It was a sad, sad day.
























Pretty much every Sunday we go to breakfast at the Car Bar.  Peter is a fan of the menu and an even bigger fan of Teri!























Lon and Jessica came to visit.  We  had a good time catching up and then going to Punch Pizza for dinner.  They have excellent food there.  It was funny because we ran into my parents and some of their friends while we were there.  It’s a small world after all.

















































And finally, Peter got an awesome ball toy from his aunt Kate and uncle Matt for Christmas.  He didn’t really have much interest in anything besides for the box until now.  He finally figured out the wonders of the toy though.  It was funny.  He knows that red thing makes it go but hasn’t quite figured out how to push it down without tipping the whole thing over.  He also is torn between watching it go and eating the balls as they come out.  Life is full of such hard choices.


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