We survived Christmas and have started a new year!

I love Christmas when everyone gets excited. It seems like people are in a cheerful and giving mood. It’s awesome to be able to get together and spend time with family and friends. By the end of it all, it’s nice to sit and relax though. There are so many more (and better) pictures but this is what I have on my computer right now.

count down frosting tattoos boys tex eato eato  tex chat santa +2 Eato and the tree bunny card

CoconutsWith Christmas, brought chickenpox to our household. Even with the vaccine, poor Tex got the pox. Thankfully it was super mild and didn’t seem to bother him a whole lot. I called the spots polk-a-dots. He couldn’t remember that term and kept calling them coconuts. We just referred to them as coconuts from then on out. Coconuts do have some spots so it’s not completely wrong. The poor kid might have a skewed view of coconuts later in life. Oops. Eato may or may not have joined in the fun. He had a couple little spots that could have been a pox here and there but his skin is so sensitive and always has spots and scrapes that we don’t know. Either way, we’re all in the clear now and can check that off the list.

girlI also started a new job right around Christmas. Change is always scary but it was time to take the leap. It was with a sad heart that I said goodbye to everyone at the elementary school and said hello to my new job as a one year old teacher. I’m in love! My co-workers are awesome and supportive. The kids are spicy and can be a handful but are adorable and lovable! Tex comes with me now too. He’s not quite as sold on the place in the mornings but once he gets going, he has fun. He was so very proud to tell me today that he was able to pull up his own undies and pants. It’s those moments that make this so worth while. I’m still learning and trying to make the room mine but for now, I know this was a great move for me.

I actually saw midnight on New Years Eve this year! I was pretty proud of myself. We had a fun time hanging out with friends and getting to be adults. There were other kids there but there’s something about a cute little person that isn’t yours. I got to play and be the fun one, not the one that makes the rules. My two boys got to ring in the new year by starting with rainbow pancakes. They were covered in sprinkles, powdered sugar, and whip cream. Life doesn’t get any better! Then they went to my parents house to rock out.

Eato and pancakes Tex and pancakes

And now we welcome 2014. I look forward to the good and the challenges. I am excited for what will come and what changes and differences I can see and make in my life and in the world around me.


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