XXII Olympics!



The Winter Olympics are in full swing.  That means this household will be watching lots and lots of curling… along with those other sports they show.



I love watching the opening ceremony and I especially love the sappy Olympic commercials they play.

They have talked the Olympics up during the past week at the tall one’s school.  He kept talking about how it was starting soon and he was very excited.  They even did a flag ceremony in the gym.  Everyone got to wave little flags.  I think someone got to carry a big one but the story was hard to follow.


He knew what day they would start and even that he had to wait until 7.  All afternoon he kept asking what time it was.  He would look at the clock and loudly read the numbers.  Even though he knows his numbers, he would still ask if it was time yet.  When it finally turned 7pm, he couldn’t wait.  I turned the channel and on came snowboarding.  He looked over and me and asked what that was.  I said it was snowboarding.  He looked mad, “I wanted Olympics!”  Apparently he didn’t actually know what that meant.  We talked it up and showed him the really cool jumps and twists.  Then he thought it was sort of okay but wasn’t exactly sold.

Poor kid.  Hopefully he’ll appreciate curling as much as his dad.


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