Twelve Years


Twelve years ago I was getting ready for one of the biggest and best moments in my life.

Twelve years ago we looked or very best.

 photo P5270025.jpg

Twelve years ago it was so very hot.

Twelve years ago I walked down the aisle holding my dad’s arm.

Twelve years ago we stood next to friends who had made an impact in our lives.

 photo 155053281_42aa5a21f7.jpg

Twelve years ago we said we would stand by each other through it all.

Twelve years ago we started a family by saying I do in front of family and friends.

 photo img014.jpg

Twelve years later, I would do it all over again.

Twelve years later, you are still the one I love and the one I choose.

 photo P4203285.jpg

Twelve years later, we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve weathered them together.

Twelve years later, we have grown together and deepened our relationship.

Disney photo 2018-05-27_09-54-25.jpg

Twelve years later, we have grown our family and created two amazing boys.

Twelve years later, we have created a home that, while may be messy with toys and socks, is full of energy and love.

Duluth photo 2018-05-27_09-26-49.jpg

Twelve years later, we are still just beginning our adventures together.

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