This and that


I am such a lucky person to have these boys in my life.  Peter and Thomas are bright, funny, and full of curiousity.  The best part is that they are truly friends.  They may try to one up each other here and there, but they always come back to each other.


Peter has officially finished preschool!  It’s so hard to believe he will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  My baby is growing up so fast.

Last Day of Preschool

I have officially switched over medication.  As of now, I’m done stabbing myself!  There have been a few other oral MS medication options but the side effects always outweighed the benefits for me.  This new medicine has been used for psoriasis for years.  Just recently they discovered it worked for MS issues too.  Every day I take one teal pill in the morning and one at night.  That’s it.  I’ve read lots of different reviews.  Basically your body either thinks it’s great or complains loudly.  Hopefully things will go smoothly and this will work for me.  If nothing else, my mood has improved!




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