My brain is still a mystery. I know that could be taken many ways but today we’re talking about the lesion. The blood they took at the first doctor visit didn’t show anything.

I guess the deer ticks haven’t gotten the best of me yet and I am good on my vitamin B12.

I don’t have lupus yet but pretty much says you could have lupus no matter what symptoms you enter.

The next step was a spinal tap. I did that this morning. Let me tell you that the stories that I heard and made up in my head were WAY scarier than the actual process. The attempts at drawing blood hurt much more than the lumbar puncture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing laps at this point. In fact I couldn’t lift anything today and I have to take it easy tomorrow. I got three new holes in my arms from failed attempts at drawing blood though. If anyone is in the health profession- it is never okay to just slide the needle after you’ve inserted it, try again!

Now we’re back to the waiting game. They said it will take a week to have the results. I am no medical professional and only sort of grasp what is going on so I’m not positive what they are looking for. I know that this still won’t be a 100% diagnosis of anything, just leading me in the right direction.

I have the chance at still having a host of different issues or I may just be a true fan of swiss cheese. All I know is that it’s a bit scary to have to wait and not know. I’m trying my best to think happy thoughts.

So here are some of my happy thoughts for all to see:

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  1. Hi Annie. Good post – happy thoughts I like! The rest, not so much. Thinking about you and your 3 boys. Hang in there. Do you know of any openings for you in August for the boat? We would love to take all 4 of you out (or 2 of you if you coudl use a break from kids)!
    Love, Nic

  2. Oh Annie-

    I am so out of the loop. Phyllis told me she read about you yesterday regarding the lesion… I am so sorry you are going thru this! I am going to read back to get up to date. I will see you Wednesday and I am glad so I can hug you!!! Hugs and kisses

  3. The best happy thought I could imagine. Love the pictures of your happy thoughts. Just wanted you to know that we too all the way here on the east coast are playing that waiting game with you. We too will be thinking happy thoughts. Love you lots sweetie.
    Auntie M