Skin is a good thing


I still have skin!

20140605_073900I thought I’d update that I was in fact pretty special this past week.  I started itching and thought it was just hives.  When I couldn’t take it anymore and hoped the doctor could give me something better to help, I found out I actually had erythema multiforme.  My body was reacting to either one of my medicines or a random virus.

20140607_081344The fun part was when my face, and more importantly my lips, started to swell that they were concerned it was something more.  The doctor said I may have stevens-johnsons syndrome.  That would make my skin start to fall off and could lead to death.  I was told that I should go to the hospital immediately if anything weird happened.  That is not a reassuring thing to hear!

Thankfully, nothing weird happened and I didn’t develop stevens-johnsons syndrome.  My skin didn’t fall off.  The rash from the other thing is still working it’s way out and has left marks and bruises but it’s at least on it’s way out.

It’s never a dull moment in the world of me.

I’ll post pictures of my big 6 year old and his birthday shortly… I’ve been busy trying to keep my skin

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