Roommate Weekend


It was that time once again.  221A re-united for some cabin fun.  Elliott, Lindsay, Kart, Kristen, Jon, Nicole, Lon, Jessica, Dan, Alicia, and Brayden all joined Dustin, Peter, Paul, Donna, and I for the weekend (and a passle of dogs).  There was lots of knowledge shared, with a few beverages too.  We spent lots of time around the campfire and on the boat.  I think the paddle boat got the most use it has yet.  Brayden even caught a fish.  Overall, it was a fun weekend!

Once everyone departed, we got to enjoy a little quiet time with just the three of us, and one visit from the dear old deer.

We actually didn’t get that many pictures of the weekend so if anyone else has some good ones to share, that would be great.


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