Peter’s birthday


My beautiful baby, who has taken his sweet time in everything (even right from the start)… who had always marched to his own beat… who has finished everything with flair… who has always striven to please… who has loved (and cried) with his whole heart… is 10 years old today.

My heart is somehow bursting and breaking all at once. It’s hard to believe 10 years can go so quickly. It feels like just a blink ago that we were bringing this little being home, terrified at the unknown. There were plenty of long nights that I wished time would just go faster. I’m sad that the little chubby cheeks are gone though. He’s starting to become independent and will soon be too cool for his mom. But in that same breathe, I realize how amazing he has become. I can’t wait to see what adventures await this brave, smart, and bold boy. I’m confident he will make his mark on this world and am so proud to help mold and foster him as he grows.

Happy birthday to my sweet Peter Stanley!

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