Paul, Paul, and Peter (along with some others)


Dustin helped Paul (Pop pop) with some antenna work at the cabin a few weekends ago.  I’m not sure what the ultimate goal was but they lifted it and moved it.  Paul did something to it on the roof and then they put it back.  I guess it was a success.

Paul (Wenzel) and Sarah were able to come to the cabin for a sort of weekend (Sunday through Tuesday).  They brought Sophie with them and we all had a good time.  Tanner (the local deer) came to visit again.  He must have left the little lady back at home.  He bonded with Peter for a little while after showing some interest in his breakfast.  We also made it to the sand bar for some fun in the sun and water.  Everyone, including the dogs, had a good time splashing around.

Peter went in for his 13 month appointment with the doctor.  He’s doing great and everything is right on track.  He’s 22.5 pounds of fury.  Poor thing got two shots, one in each leg, though and wasn’t a fan of either.  Then he had to go to the lab and have his finger pricked for a blood draw.  That wasn’t much fun either.  Afterwards Peter got some quality time hanging out with mom, even though the lure of Sesame street is a big one.


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