One of the more fun parts of MS is

I am blessed with being quite clumsy at times. People have actually had their doctor write a letter to let people know that they aren’t drunk, they just have MS. It’s just one extra layer of the brain neurons not always firing quite right… do to my immune system attacking my own brain.

So with all of that said, I’m getting skilled at powering through and finding different ways of coping… especially with the giant bruise currently on my knee.

Here are just a sampling of the results of my grace due to either falling, bumping into things, reacting to meds, or who knows what

With all of those, and many more, I can choose to give in or get up.

Sunday Funday


Sundays are a day of rest… mostly because I have to recharge from the previous week.

I’m doing a lot better now that I’ve been going to the gym and working hard at staying active and healthy, but a week’s worth of energy still can take it’s toll. The hubby is still amazed at my ability to literally sleep until 1pm or later on especially tough weeks. Thankfully I have a supportive family that allows that to happen.

I forgot…


One big symptom of MS is brain fog. You know when you walk into a room and can’t remember why? That sums me up on a daily basis. That word that just on the tip of your tongue? It might as well be in China some days. If I told you I was going to do something and I haven’t, I don’t get offended when you ask again. I know I forget, it’s not a secret. Just like the fact that I was going to post daily this month and already forgot the second day. That sums up a huge part of my life, I forgot.

Speaking of other things I forgot – Here are just a few photos I meant to post on here

March & Dr Seuss


March is MS awareness month and since I am all to aware of it, I thought I’d share some love this month.

This week I learned that because of the daily injections I used to do to attempt to stop my immune system from attacking my brain, I instead attacked the fat cells in my legs. The medicine killed the cells, creating a large dent in my right leg. Because I’m working hard at improving my health and body, it is becoming more and more evident. I guess I have a long way to go to get rid of more fat so it can have the chance of evening out.

In honor of Dr Seuss’ birthday today, I have a picture of my own Thing 2 from the school reading night tonight and a poem I found online…

I know


I didn’t march yesterday because I thought I didn’t know enough to make a stand. As I followed the news, the pictures, and the speeches all day, I realized I know more than I give myself credit…

I know that we are each important in our own way
I know that I make a difference… as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend,
as a woman
I know that raising my boys to be men of substance is the most important job I can have
I know that we don’t all see eye to eye but that doesn’t make anyone less important
I know that if we don’t educate our children, future generations will fall
I know that education is vital for all, not just for children but for ourselves as well
I know that we all bring something different to this world and those differences should be
honored, not feared
I know that we each have a voice
I know that we need to respect, listen to, and value each other’s voice
I know that I have been blessed with a good life
I know that we need to keep moving forward to ensure the next generations can have an even
better life
I know that even in my good fortune, hurt knows no boundaries
I know that everyone carries their own battle wounds, some just show more than others
I know that the only way to win that war is to band together, not push apart
I know that we are strong
I know that I am strong
I know that I am important
I know

I know that this is one time that we really do need to…