We started the month with a big birthday bash.  My baby is two already!  We planned a party with family coming and celebrating in the backyard.  The weather had other plans though.  As everything was being set up, the clouds rolled in.  So instead of plenty of space in our large backyard, everyone was squished in the garage.  It’s a good thing it was family and we like each other.  Thank you everyone for all of your help and for a wonderful afternoon.  Peter had a great time and that was the ultimate goal.

Of course we spent plenty of time at the cabin.  Paul and Donna were in Alaska for a couple of weekends.  Peter was so confused why Donna and Pop Pop weren’t there.  We told him they were in Alaska.  He heard Eliska, one of the girls that went to his daycare, and assumed they were playing at daycare instead of with him at the cabin.

We celebrated Marv and Joann’s 60th wedding anniversary!  That is awesome to have made it together for that long.  It was a nice afternoon with family.  The cool part was seeing pictures of their wedding and the family growing up.  Peter made friends right away, as usual.  Kari got a couple awesome shots of him in the grass.

One of Peter’s birthday gifts was a big boy Cars bed.  Peter was super helpful when putting it together.  He didn’t really get what it was but loved using the screw driver and looking at the pictures.  It wasn’t until it got moved into his room that he figured out what it’s for.  He had to have me reach his pillow and nuk and then pretended to sleep, snoring and all, on his new big boy bed.  Of course it still doesn’t have a mattress as Peter’s room needs to get cleaned out before he can actually use it but it’s a fun experience for now.

Peter and I went to the grocery store together.  He’s a really loud shopper.  He was having fun until we got to the produce section and I was trying to pick some peppers.  He saw the red food and was yelling for an apple.  The other ladies shopping thought it was quite funny but at the moment I didn’t seem to be laughing.  That’s when I found the section of free apples for kids.  It was at the end of the trip so I gave him one thinking he wouldn’t actually get anywhere.  When we got home I looked and he had big chunks out.  He ate almost the whole thing without me cutting it at all.  He was so very proud of his apple.

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