July- Dirt, Fireworks, Wild Life, Swimming, and Backyard Fun


We go to the cabin most weekends in the summer.  Peter has made himself at home up there and pretty much runs the whole time.  On the rare occasion that he’s not running, he finds himself either in the dirt or the water.  He usually has a partner in crime (a.k.a Donna).  Bethy came up with us one weekend and she ended up in the dirt too.

We celebrated the 4th of July at the cabin.  We went to the Pederson cabin for some awesome fireworks.  I didn’t get to light the warning shot like usual but it was still a good time.  The show was amazing as usual, even the mosquitoes enjoyed the show.

We had some other visitors at the cabin.  A big mama bear and her four little cubs decided to wander through.  They enjoyed the fry grease and then climbed a tree to take a nap.  They stayed up there for the morning and then wandered down and went on to someone else’s neck of the woods.  Peter was very impressed and still talks about the 5 bears.

One of Peter’s birthday gifts was swimming lessons.  We took a parent and child class.  At first he didn’t want to take off his shoes, much less get in the water and participate.  With each class he got better and better until he couldn’t get his shoes off fast enough and waiting for the teacher to come seemed to last forever.  He still didn’t always participate quite like he should but he gained a lot of confidence in the water and can kick and scoop.  The last class he got to play at the end.  He finally went down the little slide not only once but twice.  He thought it was so much fun that he wanted Dustin to take him to the other end of the pool.  We figured out that he conquered that little kid slide so he was going to try the big slide.  We’ll have to wait a few years for that one though.

Finally, we were festive and participated in Hastings Rivertown Days.  It was a fun weekend of shopping, family, going out on the town, and a parade.  The thing was that it was really hot that weekend.  Between activities, we decided to try and cool off with some water fun and bubbles.  We pulled out the rainbow sprinkler but Peter wasn’t having that.  Then I remembered Peter had gotten a huge blow up octopus sprinkler so I made Dustin blow it up and start it.  I guess we weren’t quite ready for that though as it made Peter run the other way and cry.  Finally Dustin pulled out the winning sprinkler and lots of fun ensued.

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