He’s 4!



I can’t believe my baby is 4 already! I remember that morning when my water broke and Dustin got to turn around after just arriving at work. I remember being in labor forever. I remember that terrifying trip down the hall when we decided it was time to be done and go for the c-section. I remember listening to the doctors talk about how they had just fallen asleep or were so tired but came into work anyway. I remember the amazing sound of hearing my baby cry for the first time.



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Now he’s become an actual kid. He’s silly and sweet. He loves anything with wheels. He loves playing with his brother and his cousin. He is distractable and doesn’t always listen so well. He lives for a challenge. He loves to read books. He is smart and very ungraceful. Best of all, he’s my 4 year old son that I wouldn’t trade for anything.





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