Children’s Museum


Bethy, Peter, and I went out to lunch and then to the Children’s Museum on Monday.  When we first got to the museum, Peter was very leery and shy.  He needed to check everything out and see what was going on.  Once he found some people his height running back and forth with foam blocks, he realized this was a fun place.

We learned about conveyor belts, water fun, block building, dinosaurs, ants, turtles, slides, rock videos, and directional skills.  It was all very fun!

1-wheel2-wheel3-boats4-looking5-ball6-more balls7-dino slide8-pachycephalosaurus9-climb

Oh, and we had to adjust the straps on Peter’s new seat for my car.  Dustin thought it would be a good idea to test how secure it really is.  It’s safe.


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