3:00am post


Random Man standing in our kitchen, shoe-less, holding one of our coffee cups- “Hey man, can’t I just sit down?”

Dustin- “NO! Get out of my house! How did you get in here? Get out!”

Random Man- “I just want to sit, can’t I sit around?”

Dustin- “Get out of my house!”

So this morning around 2:30am there were noises in our kitchen. Assuming it was Peter thinking it was play time, Dustin went out to tell him to get back in bed. Instead he was greeted by a drunk random man standing in the kitchen. He had taken his shoes off, helped himself to a coffee cup, and was going to sit down and relax. Dustin yelled at him and helped him walk out the door. We called the police and while on the phone with them, the drunk random guy came back pounding on the door. He just wanted to be let in. He was confused when Dustin yelled no. The police searched the area but only found a different random drunk kid. They took the shoes and told us it happens more times than you’d think that drunk people just wander into the wrong house.

Helpful tip of the middle of the night- have a buddy while drinking so hopefully the two of you can actually find your own house when you stumble home

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  1. Wow, in a lot of homes that person could have been riddled with bullets (likely mine). Wandering around in homes – not a safe past-time! Buddy system = agree. Applaud Dustin’s cool head.